It's All About Love
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7. It's All About Love.

The story behind this song should be read last. After the decision was made to record this album, I collected the songs that I wanted to include, and the next question was what to call it. Much deliberating and dozens of suggested titles later, I decided to look at the content of the songs for some inspiration. The longer I looked the more I realised that they had a common theme and I said to myself, "They're all about love!"

No sooner had the album title flashed into my mind that a second thought followed, "That sounds like a great subject for a song", and so the journey began to fill in the blanks.

The next big change happened to the song after the album was finished. During rehearsals for the "Paradise Project" (the album launch concert) it was decided to make it into a male/female duet. Remarkably, the wording lent itself perfectly to the exchange, and so, since that day it will forever be done as a duet.

07. It's All About Love lyrics

8. I Think of You.

She was a girl that I just connected with. We would spend all night talking on the phone. We went everywhere and did everything together, and now, everywhere I go something reminds me of something we did while we were together.

The gentle swaying rhythm came from the fact that I wrote many of the lyrics while on my regular exercise walks.

The concert version includes an a'capella chorus which was introduced after the album was launched.

08. I Think of You lyrics

9. My Little Lady.

A natural platinum blonde, blue eyes, and a sparkle that melted a young man's heart, and she was mine. It was hard to believe that a girl of such incredible beauty, outside and in, would find me attractive, and yet, there she was.

Like never before the words of this song just flowed. Sadly, she wasn't mine for more than about 6 weeks, but it was enough to change my perception of myself which affected my whole life. By co-incidence we met again recently on facebook, and she still has the platinum blonde hair and the twinkle in her blue eyes and in her personality (with a few permanent smile lines). As time has moved on a lot of water has flowed under the bridge and our lives now travel in different directions, but from time to time I still find myself day-dreaming about the life that could have been.

09. My Little Lady lyrics

10. Tiger in the Blue Dress.

This is the most misunderstood song. Maybe it is best left unexplained, but when i finally found out the meaning of Don McLean's song Miss American Pie, it in no way detracted from how great the song really was, so here goes... Tiger in the Blue Dress is about the relationship between colour and personality. If you see a person in black clothes, what do you think... what do you feel... how does it make you see that person. What about white, or red, or any other colour.

The tiger comes from a tiger kitten tatoo I saw on a beautiful lady, so that then became the image I had of her. I saw the lady and I thought of a tiger.

OK, now you know the meaning, but its still a great song with an incredible feel that just makes you want to dance...

10. Tiger in the Blue Dress lyrics

11. I'm in love.

This song was recorded on an album I did in 1981. It was a bit of a backyard studio with no automation and a couple of inexperienced guys operating the equipment. Never-the-less, I saw back then that this song had a lot more potential than I was able to put into it then at the time.

The technical advancements and experience gained over the last 30 years have given me the ability to re-record the song with the energy and dimension that it deserved.

11. I'm in Love lyrics

12. You Bring Out the Best in Me

Some people just know the right thing to say when it comes to bringing a person to their full potential. That was exactly what I needed, and what drove me back to the recording studio. Even the new name the person gave was a factor that took a pig and made him into a king. Some people are born for greatness, and some people are born to make others great. Thank your teacher every day...

From the beginning I wanted this to be a big production number, the encore song, the best we have. The crowning glory once again is a tenor sax solo, but this time from the talents of Mr Geoff Howells.

12. You Bring Out the Best lyrics

Welcome to "Paradise".