It's All About Love
The stories behind the songs

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1. Paradise.

This song has the most interesting story on the album. The inspiration came from a dream I had in the mid 1970s. In the dream I was flying over a field and I could hear the song. This was not the first time I had heard songs in my dreams, so I tried as best I could to remember how it went so I could write it down when I woke up. I was able to remember and write down the first couple of lines, so then the hard work began of filling in the blanks. This took several years. Even the concept of the instrumental section in the middle came out of this time, but I could never finish it. It lacked the last verse. I didn't know where to take it. It sat on the shelf for decades.

In 2007, when I decided to return to the studio, I was thinking about what would happen after the CD was recorded and the band I would use to do the live performances. The question arose of a name for the band, and one of the names tossed around was "Paradise". While thinking about this I was reminded of the unfinished song, and as I searched my memory for the lyrics, the inspiration came about how the last verse would fit in. 35 years in the making. Paradise is a song that truly matured with time.

01. Paradise lyrics

2. She's a Girl.

Not much of a story to this one. Its just a fun little song about the multi faceted diamond that is the female of our species. The inspiration for most of the descriptive phrases came from 2 very special ladies in my life.

02. She's a Girl lyrics

3. One Night in BeiJing.

Like all good stories, this one started with an element of truth, but developed a few embellishments and eventually took on a life of it's own.

Unfortunately, after I had recorded it I found out there was already a popular song in China called the same, which people often mistakedly thought I had recorded.

It has one of those tenor saxophone rifs that, on first hearing it, you feel like you've heard it before. Credits for the performance go to Mr Wayne McMahon.

03. One night in Beijing lyrics

4. Missing You.

I was working in China in 2007 and would sometimes finish at 10pm. I would then walk a couple of kilometres back to my home along a very beautiful path where many families would take relaxing walks in the evening. It was during the summer so many of the ladies wore very beautiful and very feminine dresses.

One night I arrived home to realise that I could not remember passing anybody or anything along the path. My mind was so transfixed on the the lady in my heart that I didn't even notice the ones walking past.

The clarinet line that is such a feature in this song was added as an after-thought. A brass/wind player was brought in to play other songs for the concert, but this song had no part, so I wrote the clarinet part to give him something to play, little knowing that the part would be the highlight of the song.

04. Missing You lyrics

5. I Couldn't Ask For More.

Yes, for the observant ones, this one does have a Christian feel. It was written out of a response to a TV advertisement that was running at the time which said the name of the product followed by "...what more could you ask for?"

I guess it must be familiarity, or the age of the song and what was happening in my life when I wrote it, but I never saw this song as anything special. I have written far more grand, far more beautiful songs, but it just happens that this simple little song seems to be getting a lot more attention than I had expected. It even got a place in a songwriters competition in Queensland in the early 90s, and continues to get the most hits on both Paradise's myspace page and on the US internet radio station Jango.

05. I Couldn't Ask for More lyrics

6. Our First Love.

She sat across the table and told me about her struggling marriage. They lived thousands of kilometres apart, and yet they talked regularly on the phone. The commitment was there, and yet the spark was not. She dreamed that one day they would find the magic again, and rekindle the fire that their romance had at the beginning.

The candle flame swayed like music, her words were the lyrics, and I was just the scribe who wrote it all down. Yes, there is a happy ending; last I heard they are living together again... happily ever after.

06. Our First Love lyrics