Tiger in the Blue Dress

words & music: Keith Scott © 2009

Tiger in the blue dress, can I take you home?

Tell me I'm your man, take my hand, let me get you alone.

Tiger in the green dress, give me a chance.

Look into my eyes, tell me why am I caught in a trance?

You give me looks that I can't ignore

I wonder just what I came back for, but I'm here, begging once again?

Tiger in the red dress give me a sign.

Let me know your heart, we can start if you say you'll be mine.

Tiger in the white dress, tell me the truth.

Do you see your child in my eyes when I'm looking at you?

Your long black hair and your perfect eyes,

They drive me wild and I can't disguise that I'd do anything for you.

Tiger in the black dress, say you want to have fun.

Say you want to play, any day, just tell me I am the one.

Tiger don't you protest. Don't you be shy.

I can take you high, help you fly, won't you give it a try?.

Come on and give it a try. Wo tiger give it a try.

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