Missing You

words & music: Keith Scott © 2007

The ladies passing by before my eyes looked so lovely tonight

With their stiletto heels, their sex appeal and their dresses so white, But I just couldn’t see them.

The roses by the street, around my feet were a chorus of red

The moon and stars above sang songs of love in the sky overhead, But I just couldn’t hear them.


Cos all I could see was the look in your eyes

And the smile on your lips when I walked through your door,

And all I could hear was the sound of your voice

Like I’ve never heard music before

But its been so long,   and you seem so far

I keep wondering just how you feel and where you are.

I’m still missing you and it’s driving me insane

But I’ll have to live on photographs and memories till I can be with you again.

So many memories are clear to me like the touch of your hands

I drew your body near, I kissed your ear when I held you in the slow dance... If I could only hold you now

Your trembling hands revealed the way you feel as your hair came undone,

Your gentle sighs were there to show you care as our hearts became one. They’re in my memories forever now.

Now all I can pray is that time won’t erase

The light in your eyes that I saw on those days.

And all I can hope is that you will be soon

Again in my arms and my gaze.

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